May 14, 2006
User group for Rails in Scotland
Graeme Mathieson of Rubaidh has put together a Rails user group for Scotland. Their first meeting is on the 25th of May.
May 11, 2006
Deploying Rails on Windows servers
Most Rails applications are deployed in a Unix server environment. Tools like Capistrano make this dead easy. For those working in a Windows environment, deployment can get considerably harder. The...
May 10, 2006
Laying Tracks: How to Contribute to Rails
Josh Susser is at it again. He’s whiped up a PDF presentation called Laying Tracks which details the hows and the whys of contributing patches to Rails. At just 16...
May 10, 2006
Documentation push
We’ve recently decided to put some work into Rails documentation. We’d like to flesh out the existing docs, add documentation for the corners that are lacking and update what may...
May 8, 2006
New in Rails: has_many :through gets :uniq
Changset 4325 adds the :uniq option to has_many :through. Josh Susser, ActiveRecord associations guru, offers a nice write up of what it means for has_many :through to have :uniq. You...
May 8, 2006
Obie Fernandez on the Rails podcast
In this installment of the Rails podcast, Geoffrey Grosenbach catches up with Obie Fernandez of Thoughtworks. Obie has been using Rails with great success to take on “enterprise” scale projects....
May 4, 2006
The Complete Guide to Rails Plugins
Plugins are the official way to bend Rails to do your bidding. Creating a plugin is a great way to share your Rails extensions with others who may find them...
May 4, 2006
RailsConf Europe: September 14-15 in London
The first RailsConf scheduled for June 22-25 in Chicago sold out so fast it made our heads spin. 550 seats were snatched up before the program was even ready or...
May 3, 2006
Radiant released: Content Management Simplified
John Long has announced the initial release of Radiant, the simple and elegant CMS that is planned to eventually power the redesigned reincarnation of the official Ruby website, You...
May 2, 2006
Agile Web Development with Rails goes second edition
It’s back. Agile Web Development with Rails is now available in a 50%-done beta version of its second edition. Pretty much everything is getting a major overhaul. All the cool...