January 17, 2006
SwitchTower with Bazaar-NG
Damien Merenne has just announced a Bazaar-NG SCM module for SwitchTower. All you bzr users now have one less reason to not use SwitchTower. Damien has given permission for this...
January 14, 2006
Rick Olson is for hire
Rick Olson is a friend of the core group, an accomplished extender of Rails, the driver behind Rails Weenie, and a great guy to boot. If you’re looking to hire...
January 14, 2006
Typical questions by Rails skeptics
Wade Winningham has collected a list of typical questions by Rails skeptics along with his best attempt to answer them. Do you have any more that would fit?
January 14, 2006
Rapid Web Development mit Ruby on Rails
Ralf Wirdemann and Thomas Baustert have released Rapid Web Development mit Ruby on Rails. The first German book on Rails and published by Hanser. It should be available in stores...
January 14, 2006
More templating choice with Markaby for Rails
why the lucky stiff and Tim Fletcher have released a pretty cool templating language for Rails called Markaby that looks like Builder, but assumes a few more things to make...
January 14, 2006
Pragmatic Studio comes to Chicago
Mike Clark and Dave Thomas are taking their acclaimed Pragmatic Studio: Rails to Chicago this coming February. From the 16th through the 18th, you can learn all about building Rails...
January 9, 2006
Thomas Fuchs on Audible Ajax
Thomas Fuchs, a Rails core developer and the creator of the fantastic script.aculo.us library, has been interviewed on Audible Ajax. Learn about the origins and future of script.aculo.us, Rails with...
January 9, 2006
SwitchTower with Perforce
Richard McMahon has written about using Perforce as the SCM with SwitchTower (here). He’s even written a custom Perforce SCM module for SwitchTower, so if you’re a Perforce user wanting...
January 6, 2006
TextMate v1.5 released
TextMate is the editor powering the work of every single core contributor and now the best just got even better. The 1.5 release of TextMate is the first official in...
January 6, 2006
Balancing two approaches to web development
Ruby superstar Jim Weirich gives an insightful overview of the environment that led to Rails, showing how it strikes a balance between PHP and Java. We’ve seen this bisection played...