December 20, 2005
How picking Rails over Java affects bidding
Stuart Halloway explains in numbers how picking Rails over Java affects the bids he puts in for consulting jobs. Since the actual programming is only one part of the bid,...
December 20, 2005
New podcast: Rick Olson aka Technoweenie
Geoffrey has interviewed Rick Olson aka Technoweenie for the Rails Podcast. Rick explains the Rails plugin system, RJS templates, and Rails-weenie.
December 20, 2005
Hacking Asterisk and Rails with RAGI
O’Reilly has a new article on Rails exploring how it can help you tame the open-source PBX system Asterisk: Hacking Asterisk and Rails with RAGI.
December 20, 2005
New book: Rails Recipes by Chad Fowler
Chad Fowler threw off his Enterprise shackles a while back and ventured into a new and better life doing Ruby on Rails full time. As the co-founder of RubyCentral, co-creator...
December 20, 2005
Rails training in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Seattle
Marcel Molina’s Ruby on Rails Bootcamp was a sell-out smash hit at the Big Nerd Ranch a while back, so they’ve reeled him back in for another show going March...
December 17, 2005
Ruby for Rails: Ruby techniques for Rails developers
David A. Black is a pillar in the Ruby community, a co-founder of RubyCentral, toastmaster at RubyConf, and an all-round awesome Ruby programmer and friend. I’m very pleased to see...
December 15, 2005
RailsConf 2006: Now accepting talk proposals
Crack your knuckles — Chad Fowler has announced that talk proposals are now being accepted for RailsConf 2006. Talks are around 50 minutes each, and speakers will receive free admission...
December 13, 2005
Rails 1.0: Party like it's one oh oh!
15 months after the first public release, Rails has arrived at the big 1.0. What a journey! We’ve gone through thousands of revisions, tickets, and patches from hundreds of contributors...
December 10, 2005
Rails Studio: Dave Thomas and Mike Clark hits Denver
The first Rails Studio was a sell-out, run-away success, so naturally Dave Thomas and Mike Clark are up for it again. This time they’re hitting Denver, Colorado from January 19th...
December 8, 2005
Dan Benjamin interviewed by the Rails Podcast
Dan Benjamin is the developer behind A List Apart. Geoffrey Grosenbach caught up with him for a chat about building high-traffic sites on Rails and launching ALA. Listen to the...