November 6, 2005
Making REST web services with Ruby on Rails
O’Reilly’s has a new article entitled REST on Rails that explores the building of a simple REST-based web service. They even finish up with a tad of meta-programming to...
November 5, 2005
Komodo 3.5: IDE with support for Ruby on Rails
RadRails is getting company from commercial player ActiveState that has recently shipped Komodo 3.5, their IDE for dynamic languages. Komodo features support for Ruby and Rails and is available on...
November 5, 2005
Enterprise Integration with Ruby by Maik Schmidt
Maik Schmidt is the contributor and maintainer of the DB2 database adapter for Active Record. He’s now also an author of Enterprise Integration with Ruby, which has just been released...
November 5, 2005
Learn how to make Rails fast from a master
Stefan Kaes has been untiringly pushing for optimizations of Rails. Since the release of Rails 0.12.1, Stefan has lead an effort that made his own sample application no less than...
November 1, 2005
Typo theme contest: Win tons of stuff including a Powerbook
The Typo theme contest just got beefed up quite bit. Site 5 has offered a 15" Powerbook for the wining theme and a 12" iBook for number two. That’s on...
November 1, 2005
eWEEK: Ruby on Rails Dev Framework on Track for Growth
eWEEK has another cool article on the growth of Ruby on Rails. Including comments from ActiveState and JBoss. Good stuff.
October 31, 2005
Chinese Slashdotting of Rails
I’m guessing that the article is talking about the feature today, the BBC announcement, and the fact that the Sun CEO was dropping us link love, but I’m not...
October 31, 2005
Rails and Zvents on Digital Life TV
Tyler Kovacs, CTO of Zvents, had a great segment in the DigitalLife TV episode 10 where he got to showcase his Rails application and talk about Ruby on Rails and...
October 31, 2005
BBC is using Rails for programme catalogue of a million shows
Hot on the heels of the announcement that Rails has gone truly mainstream by a cover story on, the BBC has announced that its opening up its programme catalogue...
October 31, 2005
Ruby on Rails at and ZDNet
Ruby on Rails chases simplicity in programming is a the title of a very positive Rails article that’s running both on and on ZDNet.