October 19, 2005
Rails 1.0: The Release Candidate (2)
The release of 1.0 is near upon us! It has been a long time in the making, involved a heroic final sprint at RubyConf by the core team, and is...
October 19, 2005
The State of Ruby on Rails '05
Thanks to Jim Freeze and Bill Kleb, we have excellent audio recordings of all the RubyConf talks. Together with the slides, you can at least get the sense of being...
October 19, 2005
Burton Group teleconference available for free
The Burton Group teleconference on Ruby on Rails is now available for free (but you have to sign up). It’s a panel discussion between Dave Thomas, Dave Geary, yours truly,...
October 16, 2005
Ruby, Rails meetup in San Diego tonight
The TextDrive guys are gathering at The Field tonight in San Diego for the RubyConf attendees that are still in town. See the announcement on the TextDrive site.
October 14, 2005
Instant Rails: Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL package for Windows
Curt Hibbs has released Instant Rails for Windows. It’s a package of everything needed to get Ruby on Rails running on Apache and MySQL. It’s nicely done as just a...
October 14, 2005
"What is Ruby on Rails?" on ORA and Slashdot
Curt Hibbs is continuing his long-running series of articles for O’Reilly with What is Ruby on Rails? It’s a great overview of all the frameworks in Rails and what it...
October 14, 2005
Bruce Perens develops model security for Active Record
Bruce Perens is working on model security for Active Record sponsored by Sourcelabs: I’ve developed ModelSecurity, a new Ruby on Rails facility that helps developers implement a security defense in...
October 11, 2005
Rails jobs in Los Angeles and Austin
Two more Rails jobs ticked into my mailbox today. One with Bluebin Industries in Los Angeles, another with a new Austin-based Start-up. If you got the Rails chops and is...
October 11, 2005
Major healthcare application switches from J2EE to Rails
Rick Bradley shares a great case study on how his team replaced a partial J2EE solution that wasn’t moving the team forward fast enough with Rails. Result? A 20:1 reduction...
October 11, 2005
Rails become more pluggable
Jamis has a good run-down of the new plugin system that we’ve created for Rails. The implementation is silly simple, but its usage is powerful. The system is already driving...