August 27, 2005
Get taggable like all the cool kids
Demetrius Nunes has a very cool acts-as mixin ready for you in a single line. It allows you to do stuff like: class Photo < ActiveRecord::Base acts_as_taggable end elephant =...
August 27, 2005
How Ruby on Rails can ease the life of managers
Justin Gehtland examines five benefits of Ruby on Rails to managers. He believes that not only does Rails change the game for developers, it also holds a significant impact on...
August 27, 2005
Sam Ruby takes Rails to Sri Lanka FOSSSL
We suspected a pattern was emerging as IBM’s Sam Ruby first at OSCON reenacted the original joke from etech, then posted about the Rails Confidence Builder, and finally combined that...
August 26, 2005
Using Ajax to route dangerous methods through POST
Jarkko Laine has a tutorial up on how to use Ajax to do deletes and other dangerous methods through POST instead of GET. So you can sleep safe at night...
August 25, 2005
Don't look at Rails if you have to do .NET
Sam gives a word of caution to fellow .NET developers regarding Ruby on Rails: Once you write an application in MonoRail you’ll never want to go back to regular ASP.NET....
August 25, 2005
A guide for changing programming languages
So what’s Duane Gran to do? He clearly has the hots for Ruby on Rails: If your group develops web-based applications, you need to know about Ruby on Rails. It...
August 25, 2005
RailsAppHosting partners with TextDrive
RailsAppHosting is an incredibly promising turn-key hosting environment that makes it a snap to setup a new application complete with database and subversion repository through a web interface. What won...
August 25, 2005
10 Reasons Rails Does Pluralization
In the interest of world peace, here follows 10 explanations to why Rails does pluralization. Pick the one that’ll make you the most calm: A point of argument: Pluralization is...
August 24, 2005
Making an Ajaxified spellchecker with Rails
Dee Zsombor has a great new article on how to use Aspell and Rails to create a Ajaxified spellchecking service that’s fast and tiny.
August 24, 2005
Driver wants in on Ruby on Rails
Obie Fernandez retells a cute story from the VP of Marketing at ThoughtWorks, John Guerriere, who met an upcoming Rails developer as his driver to the airport: john: i was...