February 26, 2012
Edge Rails: PATCH is the new primary HTTP method for updates
What is PATCH? The HTTP method PUT means resource creation or replacement at some given URL. Think files, for example. If you upload a file to S3 at some URL,...
January 26, 2012
Rails 3.2.1 has been released
Rails 3.2.1 is out, with some fixes and doc improvements. Please check the CHANGELOGs gist for details.
January 20, 2012
Rails 3.2.0: Faster dev mode & routing, explain queries, tagged logger, store
So we didn’t quite make the December release date as we intended, but hey, why break a good tradition and start hitting release targets now! In any case, your patience...
January 4, 2012
Rails 3.2.0.rc2 has been released!
Hi everyone, Rails 3.2.0.rc2 has been released! What to update in your apps Update your Gemfile to depend on rails ~> 3.2.0.rc2 Update your Gemfile to depend on sass-rails ~>...
December 20, 2011
Rails/master is now 4.0.0.beta
The forthcoming 3.2.x release series will be the last branch of Rails that supports Ruby 1.8.7. There’s a new 3-2-stable branch in git to track the changes we need until...
December 20, 2011
Rails 3.2 RC1: Faster dev mode & routing, explain queries, tagged logger, store
Once you’ve boarded the Rails train, you just know that every stop along the way is going to be a good time. This release candidate is no different and we’ve...
December 6, 2011
What's new in Edge Rails: EXPLAIN
There are some new features related to EXPLAIN in the forthcoming Ruby on Rails 3.2 we’d like to share: Running EXPLAIN manually Automatic EXPLAIN for slow queries Silencing automatic EXPLAIN...
November 20, 2011
Rails 3.1.3 has been released
Rails 3.1.3 has been released. This release mainly contains fixes for regressions that popped up in 3.1.2. Changes Action Pack: Downgrade sprockets to ~> 2.0.3. Using 2.1.0 caused regressions. Fix...
November 18, 2011
Git tag for 3.1.2 release
Unfortunately I accidentally pushed an incorrect v3.1.2 tag yesterday. I immediately recognised that it was wrong, so quickly deleted it and pushed the correct tag. I thought that this would...
November 18, 2011
Rails 3.1.2 has been released
Rails 3.1.2 has been released. This is a patch-level release containing bug fixes and an important security fix. Possible XSS vulnerability in the translate helper method in Ruby on Rails...