November 29, 2007
Rails 2.0: Release Candidate 2
After another batch of fixes, tweaks, and buckets of polish, we’ve prepared the hopefully last step before 2.0 can go final: Release Candidate 2. If nothing major pops up, expect...
November 24, 2007
Ruby on Rails 1.2.6: Security and Maintenance Release
The rails core team has released ruby on rails 1.2.6 to address a bug in the fix for session fixation attacks (CVE-2007-5380). The CVE Identifier for this new issue is...
November 20, 2007
New ActiveRecord Book, and a Contest!
To celebrate the launch of their book Pro Active Record: Databases with Ruby on Rails, Chad Pytel and Jon Yurek of thoughtbot kicked off a little contest:We want you to...
November 9, 2007
Rails 2.0: Release Candidate 1
We’ve been taking our sweet time, but now it really is almost there. We’ve just pushed new beta gems to and created the rel_2-0-0_RC1 tag. So this is shaping...
November 7, 2007
Prototype 1.6.0 and 1.8.0 released
New versions of the JavaScript libraries that ship with Rails, Prototype 1.6.0 and 1.8.0, have been released. You can find out about the numerous changes on the Prototype blog...
October 30, 2007
RailsConf '08: Call for participation
RailsConf 2008 is set to return to Portland on May 29th through June 1st. It takes a lot of time and coordination to get a conference of that magnitude put...
October 29, 2007
Paris on Rails: December 10th
Paris on Rails is a French-speaking Rails conference that’s taking place in Paris on December 10th. They have a great program for the day with 10 speakers (yours truly included...
October 26, 2007
Today is Leopard day!
OS X 10.5 is shipping today under the Leopard moniker. Besides being a great upgrade to a wonderful operating system, it's also the first version of OS X that ships...
October 26, 2007
Working With Rails Relaunched
Working With Rails has been updated with fresh new colors and functionality. It looks great and we much appreciate the work they’ve been doing to track the Rails Hackfests.
October 25, 2007
MicroPlace Launches
MicroPlace, a site that lets you make small loans to workers in developing countries and receive a return, just recently launched. Josh Susser, one of the contractors that worked on...