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Making accessible web apps with Rails and Hotwire

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about accessibility, but is your web app accessible? In this session, I will share my perspective as a blind developer on how to build accessible web apps with real-world examples, beyond saying it’s important and the need to use ARIA.

I will start by demonstrating how a blind person uses a screen reader to navigate the web, so that you can understand the most common challenges faced by blind people every day. This will help clarify several requirements that people currently spend too much time on.

Instead, we can focus on the most relevant errors and aspects to bear in mind when developing and designing interfaces. We will cover the most common patterns with code examples, taking advantage of tools provided by Rails, Hotwire, and the browser.

Bruno's Profile Picture

Bruno Prieto

Programmer, 37signals

I’m a blind programmer who fell in love with Rails at first sight, enjoying building web apps that solve real problems while keeping things simple. Whenever I can, I try to collaborate to make the web more accessible for everyone.