Rails World is sold out. See you in Toronto Sept 26 & 27.


Our industry's brightest speakers will gather in Toronto to share their expertise, insights, and success stories.

Aaron Patterson's photo

Aaron Patterson

Rails Core & Senior Staff Engineer, Shopify

David Heinemeier Hansson's photo

David Heinemeier Hansson

Rails Core, CTO, 37signals

Eileen Uchitelle's photo

Eileen Uchitelle

Rails Core & Senior Staff Engineer, Shopify

Tobias Lütke's photo

Tobias Lütke

CEO, Shopify

Rafael França's photo

Rafael França

Rails Core & Senior Staff Engineer, Shopify

Xavier Noria's photo

Xavier Noria

Rails Core, Zeitwerk, Independent Consultant

Andrea Fomera's photo

Andrea Fomera

Senior Software Developer, Podia

Bruno Prieto's photo

Bruno Prieto

Programmer, 37signals

Chris Power's photo

Chris Power

Founder, Typecraft

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David Henner

Staff Engineer, Zendesk

Donal McBreen's photo

Donal McBreen

Lead Programmer (Security, Infrastructure and Performance), 37signals

Emmanuel Hayford's photo

Emmanuel Hayford

Senior Software Engineer, Curacubby

Greg Molnar's photo

Greg Molnar

Information Security Consultant, Spektr Security

Jamis Buck's photo

Jamis Buck

Senior Ruby Software Engineer, DBX, MongoDB

Jenny Shen's photo

Jenny Shen

Senior Developer, Shopify

Julia López's photo

Julia López

Senior Software Engineer, Harvest

Justin Searls's photo

Justin Searls

Co-founder, Test Double

Kevin McConnell's photo

Kevin McConnell

Lead Programmer, 37signals

Miles McGuire's photo

Miles McGuire

Staff Engineer, Intercom

Obie Fernandez's photo

Obie Fernandez

Author of The Rails Way, and Chief Scientist, Olympia

Ridhwana Khan's photo

Ridhwana Khan

Lead Software Engineer & Writer,

Robby Russell's photo

Robby Russell

CEO, Planet Argon

Robert Beene's photo

Robert Beene

Founder, Typecraft

Rosa Gutierrez's photo

Rosa Gutierrez

Principal programmer, 37signals

Stephen Margheim's photo

Stephen Margheim

Rubyist, Web Developer, and Engineering Manager, Test IO