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Testing Integrations - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Does your Rails app have integrations with third-party APIs? Perhaps your billing system relies on a subscription management tool, or you utilize email marketing applications to engage customers? Enhancing your features through external tools can be powerful, but testing these integrations could pose challenges or be cumbersome. Join me as we explore practical strategies for testing integrations, drawing from real-life experiences at Harvest, where we implemented several integrations – Braintree, Stripe, CustomerIO, Hubspot, Xero, QuickBooks, and more – and gain confidence in safeguarding your codebase during refactorings or API version changes.

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Julia López

Senior Software Engineer, Harvest

I am Julia López and I’ve been working with Rails for over a decade! Currently, I am working as a Senior Software Engineer at Harvest, where we navigate the intricacies of maintaining and enhancing a 17-year-old Rails application. After the conference talks, you can find me at the Karaoke events!