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The Empowered Programmer

In 2021, DHH dubbed Rails, “The One Person Framework.”

Is it? Have you built a Rails app on your own? If not, don’t feel bad. Many would struggle to imagine creating a feature-rich app that powers a real business by themselves. Let alone an app that’s a joy to use. And forget about being easy to maintain.

But I’ve got great news - not only is all this possible, Rails 7 does more to equip solo developers than ever before.

And I should know! In 2019, I gave a talk, “The Selfish Programmer” all about building a Rails 5 app as a one-man show. Now, I’m back to share how I made a new app that’s twice the size but felt like half the work. You’ll learn how Rails includes more batteries than ever, when sticking with omakase pays off, and why scaling back a team doesn’t have to mean slowing down.

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Justin Searls

Co-founder, Test Double

Justin is a co-founder Test Double, a consulting agency on a mission to improve how the world builds software. His one gift as a programmer is his ability to cause software to fail. (Which, it turns out, is a surprisingly handy tool in figuring out how to fix it.)