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Empowering the Individual - Rails on AI

The dream of the “One Person Framework” is more tangible than ever. Integrating AI with Ruby on Rails can transform a solo developer’s workflow into an incredibly potent force, capable of competing at an unprecedented scale.

This presentation draws on practical real-world experience. We will explore practical approaches ranging from code generation to real-time data analysis and automated customer support. The emphasis is on new tools that let developers focus more than ever on innovation and creativity.

Attendees will leave with a roadmap for integrating AI tools and techniques into their Rails projects, insights into the potential pitfalls and best practices, and inspiration to explore the boundaries of what a single developer or a small team can achieve with the right tools.

Obie's Profile Picture

Obie Fernandez

Author of The Rails Way, and Chief Scientist, Olympia

With 30 years in tech and 2 decades in Ruby, Obie, author of “The Rails Way,” is a pivotal and well-loved figure. As co-founder and sole engineer of Olympia, a Rails-based AI startup, he exemplifies building scalable applications with the “One Person Framework”.