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Demystifying some of the magic behind Rails

Rails is renowned for its elegance, productivity, and “magic” that simplifies web development. As a recent technical writer for the official Ruby on Rails guides, I’ve had the opportunity to dive into the “magic” of Rails to enhance my understanding of the source code and provide clear explanations in the guides.

In this talk, I’ll share my journey of inspecting modules, exploring concepts, and sharing insights gained from my experience to help attendees better understand how some Rails components work internally. Whether you are a beginner eager to understand the framework’s foundations or an experienced developer looking to deepen your knowledge, this dive into the source code will enhance your proficiency and demystify the framework’s inner workings.

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Ridhwana Khan

Lead Software Engineer & Writer

Ridhwana Khan is a Lead Engineer, an entrepreneur, and a technical writer for the Ruby on Rails Guides. She is driven by the satisfaction of building systems that positively impact people’s lives. She enjoys mentoring, speaking at conferences, and community building.