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Prepare to tack - Steering Rails apps out of technical debt

Spoiler alert: we’ve been wrong about tech debt.

Our Rails apps are drowning in a sea of compromises and quick fixes, making it difficult to update and slowing us down. It’s high time we redefine “technical debt” — perhaps even time to ditch the term altogether.

In this talk, we’re not only exploring the common issues facing our Rails apps; we’re going deeper. We’ll uncover roadblocks, blind spots, and comfort zones that lead us to rationalize away the need for necessary changes. By confronting these excuses head-on, we’re not just aiming to fix immediate problems; we’re working towards a more maintainable, efficient codebase.

Whether you’re part of a duo or sailing with a crew of several dozen, this session charts a course for tackling what truly matters. It’s time to grab the wheel.

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Robby Russell

CEO, Planet Argon

Co-founder of Planet Argon, Host of Maintainable Software Podcast, and Creator of Oh My Zsh.