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SQLite on Rails - Busting myths and supercharging the One-Person Framework

Rails 8 takes the “one-person framework” to new heights. Enhancements to the SQLite adapter and the suite of Solid libraries now cement its standing as the top choice for solo developers and small teams. Still, the question lingers…Can I really go all-in on SQLite? Join me as we bust myths with benchmarks, showcase scalability with case studies, and sidestep pitfalls with practical tips. Concrete, real-world examples will illustrate how the Rails 8 feature set perfectly complements SQLite’s power in creating resilient, high-performance production apps. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of when SQLite does and doesn’t make sense for your application and how to leverage Rails and SQLite’s full potential in your next production venture.

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Stephen Margheim

Rubyist, Web Developer, and Engineering Manager, Test IO

Hey, I’m Stephen. I’m an American expat living in Berlin with my wife and two dogs. I am a contributor to Rails and the sqlite3-ruby gem as well as the maintainer of a handful of gems aimed at making Ruby and Rails the absolute best platforms in the world to run SQLite projects.