December 8, 2005
Ruby, Rails, lighttpd, and MySQL from scratch on Tiger
Dan Benjamin has put together a short and sweet introduction for getting the combination of Ruby, Rails, lighttpd, and MySQL running on OS X Tiger.
December 8, 2005
Amrita2: Another choice for templates in Rails
Amrita2 is a template engine that separates template logic and content. It’s a very different style than the standard ERb approach of Rails, but if squeaky clean HTML templates tickle...
December 8, 2005
Letting go of scaffolding
Amy Hoy teaches you have to let go of scaffolding and move further down the rabbit hole. See links up a few good starter points to help you on your...
December 8, 2005
Rails RC5 (0.14.4): Next stop one-oh (really, this time!)
It’s been a month since we promised that RC4 would be the final countdown. And counting down we have. We’ve fixed a ton of major, minor, and aesthetic issues and...
December 8, 2005
SwitchTower problems on OSX
This has been coming up often enough that it deserves to be posted somewhere visible. If you are trying to use SwitchTower with the stock version of Ruby that ships...
December 7, 2005
Interview with the CD babies: Derek and Jeremy
Robby Russell has interviewed Derek Sivers and Jeremy Kemper about the Rails rewrite of for O’Reilly. A choice bit from Derek:I was already studying Martin Fowler’s books like a...
November 29, 2005
Interview with Chad Fowler
The Ruby on Rails Podcast has yet another interview, this time with the great Chad Fowler, author of My Job Went To India.Chad’s in charge of organizing this year’s RailsConf,...
November 29, 2005
The 37signals' Getting Real workshop
On January 27th, 37signals will once again be sharing insights, ideas, passion, opinions, and vision on how to build an online business in The Getting Real Workshop. We’ll be talking...
November 29, 2005
SwitchTower as an Automated Deployment Archetype
Mike Clark has written a provocative article entitled SwitchTower as an Automated Deployment Archetype in which he suggests that developers of all stripes ought to consider SwitchTower for their deployment...
November 29, 2005
Canada on Rails: Vancouver, April 13th
On top of the official RailsConf in Chicago in June, Rails developers are getting a second chance to get together and rejoice this year. Canada on Rails is a two-day...