November 24, 2005
lighttpd 1.4.8 makes multiple apps per vhost easy
lighttpd 1.4.8 has added support for multiple Rails application on a single vhost. So its less painful to have /forum and /blog under the same domain. Rockin’
November 24, 2005
Thomas Fuchs shows off Fluxiom
So know we know what all that sexy was been grown for! Thomas Fuchs has unveiled a taste of Fluxiom. It’s an asset manager that looks especially nice for...
November 23, 2005
Dave and Mike complete first Rails studio
The first Rails studio has been completed in Reston, VA. Dave and Mike report it a great success and Dave has a write-up on his blog, so does Mike. They’ll...
November 23, 2005
Forum gateway to the mailing lists for Ruby and Rails
Andreas Schwarz has set up RForum to play gateway to both Ruby and Rails. So you can create an account on and be able to post to the mailing...
November 23, 2005
The enterprise evaluation of Rails vs Java
Rick Bradley has kindly shared the evaluation document that was part of the decision for picking Rails over Java for the rewrite of CenterNet. Their enterprise health care system. On...
November 23, 2005
Buy beautiful with the rich and famous on Rails
Thibiant is a e-commerce site for a renowned spa in Beverly Hills, which caters to the rich and famous stars of Hollywood. And now, those very same stars will be...
November 17, 2005
Ruby the Rival: What does Java look like post-Rails?
O’Reilly’s had a chat with four prominent Java developers under the title of “Ruby the Rival”. Half of them has switched a big chunk of their development to Rails.James...
November 17, 2005
Snakes and Rubies in Chicago on December 3rd
Chicago is turning into the hotbed for web-application framework development with both a majority of the Rails and Django teams in town. So we thought we’d celebrate that with a...
November 11, 2005
Why engines and components are not evil but distracting
I’ve been following the enthusiasm for engines, components, and bigger plugins from the sidelines for a while now. It’s a subject of very mixed emotions. On the one hand, I’m...
November 8, 2005
Calling Virtual Earth from Ruby on Rails
Luke Burton has a cool article on how to integrate Virtual Earth and Ruby on Rails. It’s surprisingly easy and relies only on libraries shipping in the box.