July 7, 2005
Agile Web Development with Rails leaves beta
Our very first book on Rails is leaving beta and is in the process of going into print. Agile Web Development with Rails is now ready in its final form...
July 7, 2005
Nicholas Seckar makes the commit team!
He rose through the ranks of contributors quickly with the great implementation of Routes, but has since put his mark on so much more. Including the dependency management system and...
July 7, 2005
Getting Things Done with Active Record
Mike Clark has a great article on how to dig deeper into Active Record by using acts_as_nested_set and find_by_sql. On the notion of using SQL in an OO model, he...
July 6, 2005
Rails 0.13: 225+ features/fixes in 75 days!
After the longest gap between releases since Rails was made public and after more than 225 fixes and new features, the final major release before the 1.0 milestone has arrived....
July 5, 2005
Not knowing where it hurts in ASP.NET
Demetrius Nunes is feeling the pain of going back to maintenance on an ASP.NET project after spending considerable time in Ruby on Rails. He writes about why there might not...
July 4, 2005
Rolling with Ruby on Rails in Japanese
The lovely tanabe has translated the also lovely Curt Hibbs’ excellent Rolling with Ruby on Rails article to Japanese. Great work. Both of you.
July 4, 2005
'These folks have their priorities all wrong'
Brian McCallister is frustrated that Ruby on Rails is taking away his joyful life as a tool smith. Always creating new libraries and frameworks. Now with all that stuff taken...
July 4, 2005
\'You\'re probably sick of hearing this\'
Luke Sutton can’t help but share his recent discovery: OK look, I don’t wanna seem like a total fan-boy and I know the hype has been almost too much. I...
July 4, 2005
Rails Day winners have been found
The 24 hours allotted to create an interesting Rails application from scratch yielded a ton of create entries to Rails Day. The three winners have now been declared, along with...
July 2, 2005
'Agile development seems natural'
Joe O’Brien is teaching Ruby on Rails to the consultants at his company and is especially enjoying how the language and framework two-pack makes agile development so natural: Ruby and...