October 1, 2007
Adapter gems available
The extracted adapter gems are now available for install from the gems.rubyonrails.org server. Say you want the Oracle adapter installed, you just do gem install activerecord-oracle-adapter. All the extracted gems...
October 1, 2007
Now seems like a good time to thank the community which helped make our new release a reality. Rails 2.0 includes the work of more than 160 individuals who have...
September 30, 2007
Rails 2.0: Preview Release
Behold, behold, Rails 2.0 is almost here. But before we can slap on the final stamp, we’re going to pass through a couple of trial release phases. The first is...
September 27, 2007
UC Berkeley teaches Ruby on Rails
UC Berkeley is teaching Ruby on Rails in its CS198 Rad Labs class. The class is being taught by Dave Patterson, the creator of RISC, SPARC, RAID, and more. Quite...
September 25, 2007
Designing scalable architectures
Jason Hoffman from Joyent had a great tutorial at RailsConf Europe on Scaling a Rails Application from the Bottom Up. It defines the key terms and measurements of scaling and...
September 22, 2007
Summary of security articles and plugins
The QuarkRuby blog has created a great Ruby on Rails Security Guide that gives you a wealth of links to articles and plugins dealing with security in Rails applications. Everything...
September 20, 2007
Rails tool space is heating up
There’s a lot of action going on in the Rails IDE space these days. Besides Aptana RadRails, which has been around for a long time, Sun’s got impressive Rails support...
September 20, 2007
RailsConf EU '07 is over
The party in Berlin came to an end all too soon. I had a blast there and so did everyone else it seemed. Such a fantastic atmosphere and group of...
September 15, 2007
How to get a patch into Rails
For a while, the patch queue was getting badly out of hand. The flood of new entries was simply too great to be reasonably managed by a small group of...
September 9, 2007
Rails wiki is back in business
After a short period of downtime following a massive spam attack, the Rails wiki is now back in business.