March 21, 2005
New book coming: Pragmatic Rails Recipes
I’m incredibly proud to announce the third Rails book in the making. The title is “Pragmatic Rails Recipes: A Guide to Elegant Web Development” and the authors should be very...
March 20, 2005
Fifth International Ruby Conference
The fifth international Ruby conference is happening in San Diego, California from October 14th until 16th. You have to come. I went last year and had the most wonderful three...
March 20, 2005
RubyGems 0.8.8 with better dependency management
I forgot to mention that a new and much improved version of RubyGems was made available a while back. The new version makes it a lot easier to install Rails...
March 20, 2005
Installnig FastCGI for Rails on OS X
Getting started with Rails is terribly easy thanks to the Ruby-based web server that’s available with ./script/server. But if you want to get production level speeds, you’re going to need...
March 19, 2005
Bruce Perens' glowing ode to Rails
When Bruce Perens first showed up at the #rubyonrails IRC channel, we were honored by his presence. Bruce is a thought leader on free and open source software and the...
March 19, 2005
Bla-bla List: Cloning a Rails app in RIFE
Geert Bevin gets an A+ for trying, no doubt about that. In an attempt to hold the fort for Java as the troops are deserting left and right, Geert went...
March 18, 2005
'Ruby on Rails hurts developer productivity'
I tried to warn him, but he wouldn’t listen. Jakob Skjerning, who helped redesign and whom I worked with on Daily Rush, has been sucked into the Rails vortex:...
March 18, 2005
Ruby on Rails tops the Buzz Game
Yahoo! Research Labs has a pretty cool new app out making markets out of buzz called Buzz Game. It uses the Yahoo search engine to identify hot topics and assigns...
March 16, 2005
Ruby on Rael
You may be afraid, very afraid: Ruby on Rael (That would be IBM’s Sam Ruby on O’Reilly’s Rael Dornfest)
March 16, 2005
Ruby Weekly News is alive
Keeping up with the flow of ruby-talk can easily become quite a job, so why not have someone do it for you and just bring you the highlights? That’s exactly...