December 25, 2005
Just in time for the holiday season, the Peace Library
The Peace Library is an online index of Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding information featuring research papers, reports, and news related to the Sri Lanka peace process put together by the...
December 22, 2005
New 37signals targets for Rails extraction
37signals has announced two upcoming products: Campfire and Sunrise. This is significant for Rails development because all 37signals applications has historically been the main source for new features in Rails....
December 22, 2005
Rails Podcast with the creator of Seaside
Avi Bryant is the creator of Seaside, the Smalltalk web-framework built on continuations, that has been shining light on alternatives to traditional MVC- and request/response-based frameworks. I heartily recommend taking...
December 22, 2005
You're Using SwitchTower, Aren't You?
Mike Clark declares his love for SwitchTower, the distributed deployment manager built for Ruby on Rails. He shows off a few fancy tricks in the love letter, such as how...
December 22, 2005
TextMate: The missing manual
Considering that TextMate is the defacto standard for Rails development on OS X, I thought you might all like to know that there’s now a real manual available for it....
December 22, 2005
Freezing your Rails when you deploy shared
If you’re running a Ruby on Rails application on a shared host, it’s super-double-plus recommended to freeze your Rails. Freezing your Rails means putting the framework into vendor/rails instead of...
December 22, 2005
Is GCC 4.0 incompatible with Ruby on OS X (and elsewhere)?
We’ve been receiving various reports of intermittent errors while running Rails applications and regular Ruby stuff that goes something like this: “undefined method ‘include?’ for -517611318:Fixnum”. It appears that this...
December 22, 2005
Testing preview of Ruby 1.8.4 with Rails
The release of Ruby 1.8.4 is drawing close. We’d love to be compatible out the gates, so please do help by testing your application with the latest preview. RedHanded has...
December 22, 2005
Ask your questions to the Rails Weenie
Rick Olson has a great service running for people with questions about Rails development. The site is called Rails Weenie and allows you to ask questions to the community in...
December 22, 2005
Automate acceptance tests with Selenium
IBM’s developerWorks has a new article on how you can do automate acceptance tests with Selenium against a Ruby on Rails application.