October 26, 2005
Faster Testing with Rails 1.0
Mike Clark has written a very thorough guide and explanation for the change in testing defaults we arrived at with Rails 1.0. It goes through what to change and why...
October 26, 2005
Tracking plugins temporarily on the wiki
One of the more exciting new community features in Rails 0.14 is the plugin system. It drastically lowers the barrier for people that wants to distribute their changes to the...
October 25, 2005
Rails 1.0 RC3 (0.14.2): A bunch of little things
We’ve pushed out the third release candidate for 1.0 of Rails. This release most prominently fixes a memory leak with render_component (which affected Typo among others), the scaffolding bug, and...
October 24, 2005
Rails podcast has been relaunched
The Rails podcast is back in business with a handful of new shows conducted by Geoffrey Grosenbach of Topfunky. There are interviews with Amy Hoy, Obie, Matt, and Thomas Fuchs....
October 23, 2005
Happy Railing on Halloween!
October 23, 2005
Dan Peterson is the new Rails sysadmin, fixes Trac
Our trusty Rails server Wrath was generating cruft and crust faster than you could say we-have-no-sysadmin, so at RubyConf we decided to remedy the situation and ask for help. Dan...
October 22, 2005
Skunk Studios: Games portal in Rails
Seth Banks has launched Skunk Studios. It’s a games portal for mini-games available for single play or buy. Neat stuff.
October 22, 2005
A few more Rails jobs in NYC, Santa Clara
Sebastian Delmont from New York City is looking for 1-2 full-time (no telecommuting) Ruby on Rails developers for a new consumer-focused startup. Write him sd at notso.net. 3 Leaf Networks...
October 21, 2005
Better findings with named placeholders
Robby on Rails has a great introduction to named placeholders in Rails. Making ActiveRecord::Base.find more readable and secure at the same time, what’s not to like? Please Robby, or someone...
October 21, 2005
Two additional Rails' cores join 37signals
Sam Stephenson and Marcel Molina are no longer available for custom consulting jobs through Ionist. Both are now “made men” of the 37signals syndicate. They will certainly continue to amuse...