March 18, 2005
'Ruby on Rails hurts developer productivity'
I tried to warn him, but he wouldn’t listen. Jakob Skjerning, who helped redesign and whom I worked with on Daily Rush, has been sucked into the Rails vortex:...
March 18, 2005
Ruby on Rails tops the Buzz Game
Yahoo! Research Labs has a pretty cool new app out making markets out of buzz called Buzz Game. It uses the Yahoo search engine to identify hot topics and assigns...
March 16, 2005
Ruby on Rael
You may be afraid, very afraid: Ruby on Rael (That would be IBM’s Sam Ruby on O’Reilly’s Rael Dornfest)
March 16, 2005
Ruby Weekly News is alive
Keeping up with the flow of ruby-talk can easily become quite a job, so why not have someone do it for you and just bring you the highlights? That’s exactly...
March 15, 2005
Tim O'Reilly mentions Rails at ETech
Tim O’Reilly opened the Emerging Technology conference today with a talk on pattern remixes. Much to our delight, Tim choose to highlight Ruby on Rails during the talk. I don’t...
March 15, 2005
Web-Entwicklung mit Ruby on Rails
Following the announcement of Dave Thomas’ upcoming book Agile Web Development with Rails, comes word of the first German book on Rails. It’s going to be called “Web-Entwicklung mit Ruby...
March 13, 2005
The deficiencies of synchronous requests
Jamis Buck has a good examination of the problems inhibiting the use of synchronous requests in the Ajax world. Synchronous is a much easier programatically model, have worked well for...
March 12, 2005
\'It\'s like your programming back in Assembly\'
Shanti A. Braford is being forced back into PHP after getting jiggy with Ruby on Rails. He’s not liking it one bit: Programming a web application in PHP feels a...
March 11, 2005
'I set out to prove those Rails folks wrong'
Steven R. Baker was “…depressed by web development”, but he also pretty sure that “…sophisticated applications wouldn’t be any easier to build with Rails”. So what did he do? He...
March 11, 2005
'Broke down, saw the light, whatever you want to call it'
Rails is certainly going through rapid improvement. Marcel Molina used to joke on #rubyonrails that he was so busy refactoring his application to take advantage of all the new goodies...